Kappa Hall
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- Kappa Hall is available for meetings, general events, worship services, closed parties, dances, weddings and receptions.

- The facility is available for rental daily from 9:00 AM until 1:00 AM.

- The facility has a seating capacity of approximately 135 banquet style and 200 theater style.

- Rental of the facility includes the main hall, restrooms, kitchen and small keeping / meeting room, 15 large round tables and 5 large rectangle tables and the parking lot for event parking.


Follow these few steps to rent Kappa Hall for your next private event or meeting.

  1. Review Rental Policies - Take a moment and review Kappa Hall's rental policies. These are the guidelines that govern the specifics of each rental.CLICK HERE to View Rental Policies

  2. Review Rental Rates - Based on your intended use and your dates / times, review the rental rates and fees for any additional items you may need.CLICK HERE to View Rental Rates

  3. Check Availability of Dates - Visit the online availability calendar HERE and submit Reservation Form HERE to check if your desired date(s) are currently available.

  4. Download Rental Agreement - Download and complete the Facility Use and Fee Statement and the Application for Use of Facility. CLICK HERE to Download Rental Agreement

  5. Forward Agreement and Deposit - After you have fully completed and signed the Rental Agreement, forward the agreement (by email to rentals@kappahall.org or by mail to the below address) along with your deposit.

You may pay your deposit or any rental fee due by:

  • by debit / credit card via PayPal (click link) or

  • money order or certified check to the below address:

              Kappa Hall
              c/o Event Rental Manager

              5409 Beatties Ford Road
              Charlotte, NC 28216


Application and Deposit

Prior to an event, the organization or individual renting the facility (hereafter referred to as “Lessee”) must submit an application and pay a $200 deposit to reserve the facility. The Kappa Hall is not reserved until the $200 deposit has been paid and the proposed rental date and application has been approved by Lessor (defined below). All Lessees must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age. The deposit is NOT a part of the Rental Fee. It is held as a security deposit and will be refunded within fourteen (14) days after the use of the facility provided there are no damages to the building and no additional cleaning is required. The security deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation of the event.

Ticket Sales

The facility cannot be used for any function where tickets are publicly advertised through radio, television or print media or where tickets will be sold at the door, without prior approval from the Kappa Foundation of Charlotte, Inc. (“Lessor”).

Payment of Rental Fee

The full rental fee is due thirty (30) days before the event. If the full rental is not paid when due, the Lessor reserves the right to cancel the rental or impose a late fee of $50. All fees must be paid by money order, certified check or debit / credit card (click link). Lessee agrees to reimburse Lessor for any and all charges associated with recovery of lessee dishonored payment method.

Cancellation Policy

Lessee agrees that should it cancel this agreement or commitment altogether, liquidated damage fees shall be paid to the Lessor by Lessee. The following schedule represents a reasonable effort on behalf of Lessor to establish its actual damages for such cancellation:

  • If cancellation is between date of signing agreement and 30 days before the date of rental, lessee shall be entitled to 50% of any monies paid.

  • If cancellation is within 30 days before the date of the rental, no refund of any fees whatsoever.

In the event of a cancellation of any kind, Lessee shall forfeit security deposit.


Lessor reserves the right to require police protection for certain events. Expenses for such protection will be the responsibility of the Lessee sponsoring the event. One (1) or two (2) Kappa Hall management staff members will also be present during the entire event.

Setup Time

Lessee’s set up time for decorating, setting up for food, the band or DJ is included in the rental time period. It is the Lessee’s responsibility to ensure that the caterers, band and/or DJ set up is during the allocated time. The Lessee must pay for additional time required for set up. Kappa Hall management staff members are not allowed to assist in any set up or removal of personal belongings.


Decorations cannot be attached to the walls or doors. No glitter, fine paper crafts, water bubbles or anything similar may be used in the Hall. Decorations must not pose a fire or safety hazard. Lessor reserves the right to disapprove any decoration that may damage the facility or pose a fire or safety hazard. Tablecloths are not included in the rental fee and will not be furnished. Lessee is totally responsible for all table coverings and any other decorations that may be used.


The present kitchen facility is adequate for light meal preparation. A double gas range / oven, microwave and a refrigerator are available for Lessee’s use during the rental period. Lessee is responsible for providing all meal preparation and serving hardware. Lessor has no responsibility for food preparation or beverage served during any event.


It is expected that the Lessee will inform the Lessor of any item that is inoperable, out of place or needs to be removed.

Use of the Facility by Minors

If an adult (minimum age 21 years of age) has leased the facility for the use by persons under the age of twenty-one (21), proper adult supervision is required throughout the event. Prior to the approval of the application, an adult must make arrangements for supervision and the Lessor must approve that supervision. For some functions, police protection maybe necessary and required by the Lessor. Failure to adhere to these provisions could result in the cancellation of the event by the Lessor and forfeiture of all funds paid by Lessee.

Clean Up

The Lessee is responsible for cleaning the kitchen area and must remove all tablecloths, disposable tableware and decorations. The Lessee also must wipe off all tables, chairs and empty all trash container(s) and place in outside garbage container(s). The Lessor will provide trash container(s) and bag(s).

Caterers, musicians and DJ’s must remove their equipment from the facility within the allotted rental time. Late fees will be charged to the Lessee at the specified rate if additional time is needed.


Lessee agrees to comply with all laws, ordinances, and regulation governing its activities while on the premises. Lessee understands and agrees that tobacco use of any kind inside the facility, possession of illicit drugs any kind, and possession of any weapons, alcohol consumption outside the facility and any other act punishable by law is strictly prohibited.  Lessee understands and agrees that any violation of this paragraph by lessee or anyone shall constitute grounds for immediate termination of this rental agreement and shall subject lessee to immediate removal from the premises.  In the event of a cancellation due a violation of this paragraph, lessee understands and agrees that Lessor will not refund the rental fee or security deposit.   

Liability Clause

The Lessee hereby agrees to fully indemnify the Lessor or Lessors officers or directors for any and all damage to or loss of property and liability associated with the rental of the facility use during the term of this Agreement whether caused by fire, theft, flood, vandalism, or any other cause, except that which shall be determined to have been caused by a fault or deficiency of the rented property, accessories, or equipment.

 * These policies are subject to change without prior notice.



  • WHOLE - $750 | seven (7) consecutive hours


  • HALF - $475 | four (4) consecutive hours


  • HOURLY - $150 | two (2) consecutive hours minimum


  • FULL DAY - $1100 | twelve (12) consecutive hours


+  Audio / Visual Package:  $75 - includes projectors, screens, microphone and audio (not a full sound system)

+  Late Charge [exceeding contract rental time]:  $50 / quarter hour

* All standard rates are subject to change or adjustment prior to final reservation / booking



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Prior to rental of Kappa Hall, you must download and complete the rental agreement (download here). The rental agreement is comprised of an Application for Use of Facility and a Facility Use and Fee Statement. 

*Note: Both forms must be completed and returned in order to rent Kappa Hall. 




After you have fully completed and signed the Rental Agreement, forward the agreement (email to rentals@kappahall.org or mail to the address listed below) along with your deposit. 

You may pay your deposit or any rental fee due by:

  • by debit / credit card (click link)   or
  • money order or certified check to the following address:

Kappa Hall
c/o Event Rental Manager
5409 Beatties Ford Road
Charlotte, NC 28216